Winnebago County Board Considering Requiring Administrator to Report to County Board, Rather Than to Chairman

Some of those elected to the Winnebago County Board want to take some power away from theĀ  Republican County Board Chairman, elected at-large just like in McHenry County. In an article in today’s Rockford Register-Star entitled, “No consensus on Winnebago … Continue reading

What I Was Doing Nov. 22, 1963

I was in the office of the Oberlin College newspaper, the Oberlin Review. It was my senior year and I was Chairman of the Republican Mock Convention. I went to summer school at NIU in order to be able to … Continue reading

What Were You Doing Nov. 22, 1963?

Or were you in minus years, as my 11 year old puts it? Here’s what I was doing: Yelling, “Stop the presses!” Haven’t you always wanted to do that? I actually did on this date in 1963. By now, most … Continue reading