Barb Wheeler Gains Attention with Drinking Age Increase Bill for 18-21 Year Olds, As Long As with Parents

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Phil Kadner, who was previously with the Daily Southtown, wrote an article about State Rep. Barb Wheeler’s bill to allow teenagers 18 and over to drink alcohol, as long as their parents are present. That’s the law … Continue reading

Newspaper Columnist Points Out Video Gambling Equals Nine New Casinos

Southtown columnist Phil Kadner took a look at the slot machines, euphemistically called video gambling, and found that they are the equivalent of nine new casinos. Lots of money that won’t be spent on goods and services will be spent … Continue reading

The Role of Teacher Union Lobbyists in the Pension Debacle

The Southtown has a Phil Kadner column about the negative effects (more later than soon) of shifting the burden of paying teacher pensions from State government to local school districts. He missed one aspect that some may find significant.  I … Continue reading