All Four GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Court Pro-Life Vote at Irene Napier’s McHenry County Farm in Crystal Lake

A testimony to the political strength that Crystal Lake’s Irene Napier has built for the Pro-Life community in McHenry County is the appearance of all four candidates for the Republican nomination for Governor at the annual Pig Roast at her … Continue reading

District 6 County Board Candidate Corey Brackmann Says, “You All Come,” to Pig Roast/Barn Dance

District 6 County Board members and candidates were campaigning in Marengo’s Settlers Days Parade (a story that I will try to get to this weekend), but one has scheduled a fundraiser. His name is Corey Brackmann and he lives in … Continue reading

McHenry Township Republicans Raise Money

Saturday afternoon, McHenry Township Republicans gathered at the McHenry Moose for a pig roast and to hear candidates make their pitches. McHenry County Blog prevailed upon attendee Becky Kress to share her photos. McHenry County Board member Barb Wheeler, who … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Pro-Life Pig Roast Sunday Sure to Have Political Talk & Candidates

With Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan’s unsuccessfully trying to link campaign contributions to McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi to a dismissal of a misdemeanor charge against a man who had previously received the group’s report, the Pro-Life Pig Roast Sunday … Continue reading

Patriots United Awards First Henry Hyde Award to McHenry County’s Pro-Life Godmother, Irene Napier

Irene Napier received the inaugural Henry Hyde Award Saturday morning from Patriots United from its Executive Director Brian Kelly. As Napier sat in her seat, Kelly outlined her accomplishments to the packed D’Andrea’s banquet room. There were laughs. And more … Continue reading