McSweeney Points to Pork in “Compromise” Bill

From State Rep. David McSweeney: I was shocked to see Senator Bill Brady’s recently filed SB 2216 [see more examples than listed below], which is described as “FY 18 Member Initiatives.” Special earmarks lead to wasteful spending and potentially corruption. I … Continue reading

Honoring Dick Locher

The Sunday before, the Tribune syndicated Dick Tracy comic strip’s current creators Joe Staton and Mike Curtis honored Dick Locher for his time as chief cartoonist. Locher has retired and been honored with a statue of Dick Tracy in his … Continue reading

Lakewood Considering Referendum to Allow Bulk Purchase of Electricty

Lakewood Village President Erin Smith sent out the following letter to her constituents in the fall village newsletter. FROM THE PRESIDENT As we bid a fond farewell to summer, it’s appropriate to review what was accomplished during the past three … Continue reading

Lakewood’s SportsPlex Makes “Summertime Blues” Critique of Pork

Summertime Blues 100 Projects to Give Taxpayers the Blues Today, United States Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain released “Summertime Blues,” a compilation of “100 Stimulus Projects that Give Taxpayers the Blues during the Summer of Recovery.” The introduction of … Continue reading

Roland Burris Remembers McHenry County

While his senior colleague United States Senate Dick Durbin ignored McHenry County in his requests for appropriations’ earmarks, Roland Burris did not. Here’s what Burris requested: $500,000 for McHenry County, Illinois Drinking Water Quality Initiative McHenry County, Illinois McHenry County … Continue reading

Legislature Rewards Chicago State University’s 16% Graduation Rate (after 6 Years!) with New $40 Million West Side Campus

Sometimes you have to connect the dots. This time it’s about what capital spending is being voted on in Illinois and what it is rewarding. A USA Today story highlighted Chicago State University’s 16% graduation rate after six years. Only … Continue reading

Illinois Stimulus Pork

The following information about Illinois Stimulus Package projects comes from Oklahoma U.S. Senator Tom Colburn’s office: Illinois county to spend $173,824 weatherization grant on eight pickup trucks. Having received $400,000 for a federal weatherization program, Madison County in Illinois will … Continue reading

Mike Tryon Announces Member Initiatives

Congressmen call it “earmarks.” Illinois legislators call it “member initiatives.” If it’s in someone else’s part of the country or state, people commonly call it “pork.” Whatever you call it, here is what Crystal Lake State Rep. Mike Tryon got … Continue reading

Congressional Pork – Melissa Bean and Don Manzullo; $300,000 for Turning Point

sshjIt doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing about Washington Pork. In fact, it was last March. Let’s look at what the two congressional representatives from McHenry County are requesting in the Commerce, Justice and Science budget. (Hat … Continue reading

McHenry County Municipal, County, Etc., Pork

Besides the township road commissioner pork amounting to $1.9 million, cities and villages in McHenry County got some pork, too. Hebron is going to get $150,000 for “public safety construction and roadinfrastructure.” Pretty broadly defined, wouldn’t you say? I figure … Continue reading

Still More TEA Party Pictures from Crystal Lake

Today, no long shots but the one below. Even it has signs you can read: StoptheBeltway Bandits! Party like 1773 BO’s promises→ MyMoney OBAMACONGRESS‘THIEVES’ STOP SPENINGMY GRANDKIDSFUTURE INCOME! No matter what a liberal says…There is no such thing as a“FREE … Continue reading

Melissa Bean Earmark Requests

It’s long, but I thought you might be interested in what 8th District Democrat is asking be included in next year’s congressional budget. I have included the whole district so that you can get an idea of how McHenry County … Continue reading