2016 Republican Primary Votes by Precinct

What follows was what appeared on the McHenry County Clerk’s web site. It tells the precinct name, the name of the elected Republican Precinct Committeeman (at least 10 votes are required for write-in candidates), the number of Republican votes cast … Continue reading

Fifty-Five Republican Precinct Committeeman Vacancies as Party Holds Wednesday Play Day Fundraiser

The fall election is less than three months away and one might think the McHenry County Republican Party would have its infrastructure in place. But it doesn’t. Wednesday the Party will be raising money at its annual P)lay Day golf … Continue reading

Where Is the McHenry County Democratic Party Best Organized?

Earlier this month, the percentages of precincts for which people filed for Republican Precinct Committeeman was published. Republicans, you may remember filled 49% of McHenry County’s 212 precincts, while Democrats had candidates in 19%. Today we look at how the … Continue reading

51% of McHenry County Precincts Have No GOP Candidates for Republican Precinct Committeeman

As I start formatting this information from the McHenry County Clerk’s Office about who filed for Republican Precinct Committeeman in what parts of the county, my first impression is that “No candidate filed” will control the GOP Central Committee after … Continue reading

Frothing Some More about Lack of Precinct Committeeman Candidates

I hadn’t memorized the number of precincts in McHenry County. Today McHenry County Clerk told me we have 212. So, let me do some division using the Friday noon petition filings for precinct committeeman. The Republicans had 54. [John Landon … Continue reading

More Opportunities to Join the Republican Party

Yesterday we looked at Alden and Algonquin Townships. Algonquin Township has 13 precincts with no Republican Precinct Committeeman. (I’d do Democrats, too, but the McHenry County Democratic Party web site doesn’t have a handy listing.) Today, we’ll look at the … Continue reading

Lots of Opportunities to Join the Republican Party

In an email I received yesterday, there was a link to a new web site for the McHenry County Republican Party. It seems to be a cookie cutter site developed by the Illinois Republican State Central Committee and then localized. … Continue reading