Randy Hultgren Promoting Extension of Metra Service to Kendall County & Discovering He Has Moved There

When Randy Hultgren ran for Congress after reapportionment which brought his representation to McHenry County, he lived in DuPage County’s Winfield. Now he lives in Plano I discovered when reading the following part of his “Hultgren Huddle” newsletter: Metra Extension … Continue reading

Pat Quinn 88% Toll Tax Hike Gives Metra Room to Hike Fares without Fear of Lost Customers

With the increase in gasoline and diesel prices, Metra already had a good excuse to raise commuter fares. But, with the 88% Toll Tax Hike, there is now even less possibility of losing railroad passengers to their cars. The Daily … Continue reading

Tribune Drives Metra Transparency for On-Time Stats

A bit ago, the Chicago Tribune ran an article showing that Metra, Chicago’s commuter rail operation’s transparency. Metra  brags about having over 95% of its trains on time, but some lines are well below that level, the Tribune found. Fortunately, … Continue reading

Metra’s Executive Director Phil Pagano of Crystal Lake Under Investigation for Possible Unauthorized $56,000 Payment

That’s what Crain’s Chicago Business is reporting online. Phil Pagano lives in Covered Bridge Trails, which is located north of Hillside Road in rural Crystal Lake. At a salary of $269,625, I can’t imagine any public official/servant living in McHenry … Continue reading

Metra Not Customer Friendly

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the RTA’s Metra commuter trains to and from Chicago are featured in a critical article on the front page of the Tribune today. The beef is that riders can’t access the internet on … Continue reading