Reflecting on Children at Trump and Woodstock Anti-ICE Rallies

From Dorr Township Republican Precinct Committeeman Rich Roston: Lefty NYTimes photographer finds children at Trump rallies heartbreaking I found it heartbreaking to watch mothers bring their children to an anti-ICE rally Damon Winter is a staff photographer for the Opinion … Continue reading

McHenry Grade School 15 Paraprofessionals: “Poverty wages have got to go. Hey hey, Ho ho”

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent a couple of photos of the McHenry Grade School District paraprofessionals rally. The chant was, “Poverty wages have got to go. Hey hey, Ho ho.” The current salary schedule can be seen below: … Continue reading

The Saturday Demonstration in Madison

One of McHenry County’s representatives to the Madison demonstration Saturday was kind enough to send me all sorts of photos so you can get a sense off what went on. First, let’s look at instructions handed out by the union … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Hypocrisy

The Wisconsin Republican Party has crosscut comments from prominent liberals with the words used in Madison, Wisconsin, in opposition to what Republican Governor Scott Walker is proposing to change public unions in the General Assembly. The YouTube video starts with … Continue reading

Saturday’s Young Republican Rally

A bit late to report on the YR’s VFW rally last Saturday night, but there’s no competition from the local daily papers, so here’s what I have. First we have Young Republican President Bryan Javor talking to Crystal Lake city … Continue reading