McHenry County Romney Alternate Delegate on Jack Franks’ Fundraising Host Committee

A friend of McHenry County Blog has forwarded an invitation to Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks’ September 29th fundraising breakfast at Donley’s Wild West Town. The Jesse White Tumblers will perform. As usual Franks provides a list of those who … Continue reading

Bob Anderson Wins One – County Board Puts Anti-Double-Dipping Referendum on Ballot

Wonder Lake activist-barber Bob Anderson got a referendum on the November without having to go door-to-door. The question was on an issue upon which Governor Pat Quinn built his political career. Until he had to depend upon double-dippers to advance … Continue reading

County Board Decides Not to Muddy Jack Franks’ County Czar Waters

There was a long debate over whether the County Board should put a referendum on the fall ballot asking voters is they wanted to elect the County Board Chairman in an at-large election. Before that several citizens provided input. District … Continue reading

Zinke Does Show Three Large Contributions

Three of them, aparently They had been reported when I did my story about his minimalist campaign disclosure, but I missed them because they were filed separately in the July-September reporting period. The biggest was from Donley’s Banquets and Wild … Continue reading

Jim Roden Says Ken Koehler Conflict of Interest Waiver Is One Reason He’s Running for County Board

Commenting on the McHenry County Board’s decision to send a conflict of interest waiver to the Federal government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, District 2 Democrat Jim Roden made the following comments: “I can’t believe what just happened. “17 … Continue reading

Survival Pushes Family Services Agency into Merger with LaSalle County-based North Central Behavioral Health System

The Family Service & Community Mental Health Center for McHenry County has been in trouble for “over five years,” according to its new Executive Director Lori Nelson. That came out in response to a question from County Board member Randy … Continue reading

Donleybrook in McHenry County Board District 6

There are four incumbents in McHenry County Board District 6, as there are in all districts. Since everyone is up or election after reapportionment, there are four vacancies. One incumbent, Randy Donley of Union, who got by far and away … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Votes on Salary Hikes

There was “a Scribner’s error” in the county offices’ pay hike resolution some argued.  It passed October 18th. In that first vote, County Board members voted 19-4 to raise County Board salaries to $21,500 per year.  That’s about where all … Continue reading

Tryon Huntley Fish Boil Draws McHenry, Kane and Cook County GOP Officials

What does one do when one has no announced opponent for State Representative? You know you have to keep raising money, because the Republican GOP Leader in Springfield tries to assess you for thousands to use in marginal races. ($2,500 … Continue reading

Military Flare Causes Bomb Scare at County Complex

A military flare that McHenry County Board member Randy Donley found in the driveway at his Union place of business created a bomb scare when he told the Sheriff’s Department after arriving in Woodstock for a County Board meeting. Donley … Continue reading

Status Quo Rules in McHenry County Board Redistricting Comments

A roll call was not taken for the reapportionment straw poll questions asked by McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler. Just a series of hand raising. What you see above is a good indication that the size of the county … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Editorializes in Favor of Idea Advanced in 2002 Libertarian Party Campaign

I don’t know if anyone at the Northwest Herald was there in 2002 when I ran for governor on the Libertarian Party ticket, but Sunday’s editorial writer provided a flashback for me. When I announced my candidacy, the main pitch … Continue reading

Frosty Debate prior to McHenry County Board Chairman Vote

Previously McHenry County Blog reported on the results and the roll call for the post of McHenry County Board Chairman.  Challenger Marc Munaretto was pitted against incumbent Ken Koehler. The temperature outside was about 10 degrees. Some of the relationships … Continue reading

Marc Munaretto Seeking to Replace Ken Koehler as County Board Chairman

Multiple sources have confirmed that the man who placed third in the contest to be named McHenry County Board Chairman is running again. The vote in 2008 was sixteen for Ken Koehler, six for Barb Wheeler and two for Marc … Continue reading

County Board Gives SportsPlex, Baseball Stadium, Wonder Lake Dredging More Time to Borrow Money

Led by Finance Committee Chairman Marc Munaretto, the deadline to have borrowed the money allocated by the McHenry County Board under the subsidized Federal Stimulus Program was extended until the end of December for three projects previously approved: $15 million … Continue reading

ALAW Promotes Minority 2030 Plan Report by District 6 County Board Members

Something certainly is at stake in the 2030 County Land Use Plan to be voted upon at Tuesday night’s McHenry County Board meeting. The following press release from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water might give you an idea … Continue reading

Mike Tryon’s “Chairman’s Circle” Raises $9,945, Meets for Breakfasts

McHenry County Republican Party Chairman (and State Rep.) Mike Tryon formed a political action committee separate from the Central Committee. I thought you might find the contributors and expenditures of interest. They are included in the PAC’s campaign disclosure filing … Continue reading