Earmarks in the Health & Human Services and Labor Budgets – Part 4

Again thanks to Taxpayers for Common Sense, McHenry County Blog can give you an idea what pork in this year’s congressional budget looks like. We continue in alphabetical order. Today we are reaching the middle of the alphabetical. We cover … Continue reading

The Illinois Congressional Pork Report

Taxpayers for Common Sense have totaled up the congressional earmarks in the budget bill being voted on this week. I was reminded of that when I read an editorial cartoon sent to me by my Joplin, Missouri, brother-in-law. It was … Continue reading

Illinos Corps of Engineers Pork

Barge users get subsidized transportation from the Corps of Engineers on the Mississippi River. Army engineers get to stay on the payroll. Past environmental sins like the creek that flowed past the old Chicago Stockyards called Bubbly Creek has money … Continue reading

Illinois Transportation and Housing and Urban Development Congressional Earmarks – Part 4

For the last three days, we have listed the pork found in the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development part of this year’s budget found because Taxpayers for Common Sense posted such congressional earmarks. The whole list for this part … Continue reading

Pork Where You Might Expect It – in the Agriculture Budget

Below are the Illinois congressional earmarks in the Department of Agriculture budget. Again, one of the major sponsors, Peoria’s Ray LaHood is no longer in Congress. Ag $188,000 Durbin – Natural Resources Conservation Service, Illinois River Water Conservation, Illinois Department … Continue reading

Illinois Defense Department Pork

Looking at the web site of Taxpayers for Common Sense is a list in the Defense appropriation bill. We published the list from the Commerce, Justice and Science bill yesterday. Again, nothing I can see for McHenry County, but Republican … Continue reading