Surges Rebuts McConnaughay “Hit Piece” on Property Tax Payments

A press release from Cliff Surges, who is running against Karen McConnaughay: REPUBLICAN CLIFF SURGES ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR PROPERTY TAX FREEZE LEGISLATION WHILE McCONNAUGHAY’S WEAK ATTACK ON SURGES MISSES THE MARK “Property Tax Freeze is what is important,” says Surges, … Continue reading

Senate Sponsor of Jack Franks’ Property Tax Cap Bill Says It’s “Dead on Arrival”

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog noted that State Rep. Jack Franks’ bill was “headline” bill, that is one, that was put up to garner local press, but never intended to be enacted. In fact, I quoted a state legislator close to … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Grade School District Asks Taxpayers’ Help to Fight Their Self-Interest

A email has been sent this morning soliciting parental opposition to State Rep. Jack Franks’ bill to prohibit the collection of more property tax dollars when assessments go down. Apparently Superintendent Donn Mendoza and School Board President Jeff Mason were … Continue reading

Jim Bishop Cut My Property Taxes

I cut my political teeth while McHenry County Treasurer in 1959-70 by challenging real estate assessments before the McHenry County Board of Review (a fool’s errand in those days) and, then, appealing them to the newly-former Illinois Property Tax Appeals … Continue reading

Almost 6% Appeal Assessments in McHenry County

The table above shows the seventeen townships in McHenry County, the number of appeals for this tax year (2011 assessments, taxes to be collected in 2012), the total number of real estate parcels, plus the percentage of appeals from each … Continue reading

New Assessments for Algonquin Township Wednesday

Real estate assessments will be published in the Northwest Herald Wednesday. I don’t know what the news stand price is, but the price for the insert is $2.50 after Wednesday, as I understand it. There’s about a month in which … Continue reading

Jack Franks Hits a Taxeater Nerve

It was the late 1960’s or early 1970’s when I heard or read State Rep. CL McCormick of Vienna coin the word “taxeater.” I think it was when WBBM was running an evening Illinois House session live. I admit to … Continue reading

McSweeney’s 3rd Mailing Hits the Streets, about Property Taxes

Real estate tax burdens were the topic of State Rep. candidate Dave McSweeney’s third direct mail piece. The text reads, It’s a sign of the times… Property taxes skyrocketing, even as home values go down. Illinois workers searching for jobs … Continue reading

School Supt. State Rep. Roger Eddy Throws Wrench at Jack Franks’ Tax Cap Bill

No doubt which side of the taxpayer Downstate Republican State Representative Roger Eddy is on. It’s not the taxpayers’. This is the legislator who wanted to loosen the Real Estate Tax Cap in the early 2000’s in order to allow … Continue reading

McHenry County of Governments Opposes Capping Tax Cap CPI Hikes in Property Downturns

“We want more!” might be the motto of the McHenry County Council of Governments, a taxpayer-supported local meeting ground of local officials, elected and appointed. The McCOG group’s Executive Director has sent out the following email in opposition to State … Continue reading

School Boards Fight Tax Relief with Tax Dollars

Not only are townships and municipalities using taxpayer dollars to lobby against the interests of their taxpayers, so are school boards. And they are all paying for their lobbying with taxpayer-financed dues. Read what is posted on the Illinois Association … Continue reading

Illinois Municipal League Opposes Government Tax Take Freeze

Not only the Township Officials of Illinois, but the more powerful Illinois Municipal League has lined up against State Rep. Jack Franks’ bill to keep property taxes constant in years when real estate assessments are declining. Under the way that … Continue reading

Township Officials Oppose Tax Diversion, Limitation

The lobbying arm of Illinois Township Officials is urging local members to call their legislators to ask them to oppose two bills. One takes money from a state subsidy that should have been phased out decades ago. It looks like … Continue reading

Jack Franks’ Tax Limitation Bill Advances

A Jack Franks’ bill that would prevent most local governments from getting more money in year two than they did in year one if real estate assessments are declining flew out of the House Revenue Committee 6-1 Tuesday. There is … Continue reading

Tax Bills and Assessments

With State Rep. Jack Franks about to get lots of publicity about keeping real estate tax bills down, it’s worth looking at the underlying problem. This is the third or fourth article I have written on the subject.  It’s a … Continue reading

Assessment Appeal Tips from County Government

From the McHenry County email last Friday: 10 Questions to a Fair Assessment: An Explanation of the Assessment Appeal Process in McHenry County After you have received your 2011 assessment notice please use the commonly asked questions below to better … Continue reading

Hospitals at Risk for Paying Property Taxes

McHenry County’s biggest employer is Centegra Health System. It operates two hospitals as not-for-profit enterprises. Yesterday, discussions were undoubtedly being held at Centegra and Mercy Health Systems (operators of the Harvard Hospital) concerning the revocation of the property tax exemption … Continue reading

Grafton Township Assessor to Speak to Senior Bingo Midday Tuesday, Public Invited

A press release from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore: Grafton Township Assessor to Speak on Property Tax Assessments Assessor William Ottley will be making a presentation about property tax assessments on Tuesday July 26th at the Huntley American Legion, 11712 … Continue reading

Real Estate Tax Assessments Down Almost 10%, Don’t Expect a Lower Bill

The 2010 assessed valuation has been totaled for McHenry County and it’s down almost 10%. That’s what a comparison of raw figures from the McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments Office indicate. McHenry County real estate taxes this year will be … Continue reading