Teapot Boiling in Wisconsin, 63rd District Fire Doused with Kool-Aid in McHenry County

There must be a dam at the Illinois-Wisconsin border. The water from Wisconsin’s boiling tea kettle didn’t spill over the state border last Saturday when the McHenry County Republican Party decided no candidate against Jack Franks was better than Tea … Continue reading

McHenry County Dems Urge Support for Wisconsin Recall Effort

I just noticed that Mike Bisset and Terry Kappel are writing articles for the “Urgent Action” page of the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee. Chairman Mike Bisset writes on the top article: The Wisconsin recall effort is continuing. Volunteers needed! … Continue reading

Why Aren’t Republicans Bashing Quinn about His 88% Toll Tax Hike Proposal?

When someone who has been out of office over ten years is the most outspoken person trying to pin the 88% toll tax tail on the Pat Quinn donkey, the Republican Party is lost in the suburban wilderness. I’m prompted … Continue reading

Young Dems Seek People to Call Wisconsin Voters Tonight and Tomorrow

It’s the 11th hour in Wisconsin, and we need your help. Earlier this year, Tea Party Governor Scott Walker and his Republican legislature adopted anti-worker legislation that strips away fundamental rights for teachers and other public employees. Over the past … Continue reading

Tryon Talks Ethics, Focuses on Campaign Contributions, Recall

A press rele3ase from State Rep. Mike Tryon: Rep. Mike Tryon Renews Push for Stringent Ethics Reforms Challenges Gov. Quinn to keep his promise to reform CRYSTAL LAKE…State Representative Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) reaffirmed on Thursday his ongoing commitment to … Continue reading

John O’Neill’s Answers to the Chicago Tribune Questionnaire

Republican Party State Representative candidate John O’Neill has released his replies to the Chicago Tribune’s questionnaire. It follows: Illinois’ pension system has unfunded obligations of $80 billion or more. Unfunded retiree health obligations total many additional billions. How would you … Continue reading