What’s Jack Franks Up To in Springfield? Substance & 48 (!) Shell Bills

Thought I’d take a look at what McHenry County’s Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks has introduced in Springfield. There are two Constitutional Amendments: Abolish the Office of Lt. Governor.  (Dave McSweeney introduced it and got it through the House … Continue reading

Republicans File Dream Congressional Map – Walsh and Manzullo Would Have with No GOP Incumbent Opponent

It was filed in Federal Court today. Here’s the press release that goes with it: Statement of Republican U.S. House Members from Illinois on the Proposed Congressional Map Filed Today in Federal Court “The Fair Map filed in federal court … Continue reading

Republicans Challenge State Legislative Map in Federal Court

A press release from State Rep. Mike Tryon: Republicans and Concerned Citizens File Lawsuit to Invalidate 2011 Legislative Map  CHICAGO…..Today in Federal Court, minority leaders from the Illinois House and Senate, along with many concerned citizens, filed a lawsuit challenging … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Remaps Itself

In an 18-4 vote, the 24-member McHenry County Board approved a redistricting that was recommended by its Legislative Committee. The four on the minority side of the question were Anna May Miller, who presented an amendment to include all of … Continue reading

Osmond to Foego McHenry-Lake County 64th District Race for 61st District, a Totally Lake County District

When Illinois Democrats sliced up McHenry County, giving Crystal Lake parts of three state representative and senate districts, State Rep. Mike Tryon’s home was put in the 66th District. Osmond served as head of Lake County Republican Central Committee, so … Continue reading

Why Was Jack Franks the Only Democrat to Vote “No” on the Congressional Remap?

I commented on State Rep. Jack Franks’ having criticized the reapportionment process, but voting for the terribly gerrymandered map his Democratic Party leaders concocted for the Illinois General Assembly. The article was entitled, “Jack Franks Wants It Both Ways on … Continue reading

712,813 – Size of New Illinois Congressional Districts – Where the People Came From

Did you know that each congressional district but two in Illinois have 712,813 people? The other two have 712,812. So, as far as making them of equal size, Illinois Democrats did a superb job. Although the ethnic concentration requirements, which … Continue reading

Illinois GOP Members of Congress React to Democrats Remap

A press release from all of Illinois Republican Members of Congress: Statement of the Republican U.S. House Members from Illinois on Democrats’ Proposed Redistricting Map The Republican members of the Illinois Congressional delegation today issued the following statement in response … Continue reading

More Possible Legislative Candidates in Western Kane County, Southeastern McHenry County Districts

A Friend of McHenry County Blog from south of the Kane County border offers more thoughts on possible contenders for state representative and state senator: Well, looks like the new map is going to pass without any substantial changes, assuming … Continue reading

GOP Offers Alternative Map Labeled “FAIR Map”

It is highly unlikely that the Senate House Republican reapportionment map that you see below will be enacted into law by the Democratic Party-dominated Illinois General Assembly, but it could end up getting consideration in the Federal courts. Compare the … Continue reading

East Dundee Village Trustee Allen Skillcom Endorses Tryon

Allen Skillcom, a Trustee for the Village of East Dundee who lives in the newly-carved 64th state representative district where House Speaker Mike Madigan has gerrymandered Mike Tryon, has endorsed the incumbent. His endorsement follows: “To dispel any rumors, Incumbent … Continue reading

Nunda Township Republican Party Chairman Reacts to Munaretto’s Request to Change County Remap Lines

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog published an email request from Algonquin McHenry County Board member Marc Munaretto to spin the boundaries counterclockwise in the Southeastern part of McHenry County. This is the reaction of Brent Smith, the Republican Township Chairman of … Continue reading