Further Critique of Jack Franks’ Plan to Send $100 Checks to Most, But Not All, Homeowners

The $100 checks, said to be refunds of part of the almost $40 million surplus built up by past County Boards after the nursing home building bonds were paid off under the “If we don’t take it, we’ll lose it … Continue reading

Is McHenry County Board Courting a Class Action Suit on Flat Rate $100 per Household Valley Hi Rebate?

Come October 16th the McHenry County Board will be voting on whether to draw down the incredible Valley Hi Nursing Home surplus of about $40 million by an amount equal to $100 per household. $8.8 million in checks would be … Continue reading

WL School District Capitulates to Tax Protesters, $123,000 Being Refunded

St. Charles attorney Tim Dwyer asked property owners associations and businesses on the eastern side of Wonder Lake if they would like to join in protesting excessive taxation by the Harrison Grade School District. Those that took up his offer … Continue reading

Jack Franks Enables Chicago…Again; Bill Takes Money from Taxpayers, but Ignores Those Getting Earned Income Tax Credits

The first time I noticed Jack Franks enabling Chicago was the Red Light Camera bill. That made the Speed Camera bill possible. Now Democrat Franks is the chief joint sponsor of the bill allowing Chicago and other local governments to … Continue reading