County Board Looks for Three for Board of Health

A press release from the McHenry County Board: The McHenry County Board is accepting applications from INDIVIDUALS, NURSES and PHYSICIANS interested in appointment to the McHENRY COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH. Three three-year terms are available with terms which will expire on June 30, … Continue reading

District 3 McHenry County Board Candidate Lyn Orphal Weighs In

As with a number of candidates, former County Board member Lyn Orphal did not answer the ALAW Questionnaire, so you will be denied the comparison answers to its questions provide. Nevertheless, McHenry County Blog has obtained her palm card and … Continue reading

Cat Tax Feedback Causes Keely Cat to Relax

After attending “Under the Streetlamp,” a concert by the stars of “Jersey Boys,” at Huntley High school, the Skinners went to eat at 1776 in Crystal Lake. Proprietor Andy Andresky, as usual, came around to greet us and, after catching … Continue reading

Cat Tax on Its Second Life

Imagine my surprise to see that the McHenry County Health Department is again floating the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax in its FY2011 “Goals.” Don’t believe me? Take a look at the 2011 Draft Budget, a link for which can … Continue reading

Animal Control – The Privatization Option

With McHenry County animal control employees not willing to accept the county’s offer, perhaps it is time to take a page out of Chicago’s book. Its Inspector General Joe Ferguson has suggested its animal control operation be privatized. Now, I … Continue reading

Provenzano Sends Out Last Mailer

Here is the direct mail piece designed to “close the sale” with voters. 4,700 in all. It would be interesting to compare the endorsements above with the ones Provenzano listed when he announced his candidacy last July. In an email … Continue reading

The Northwest Herald’s Animal Control Shelter Story

This was not an investigatory story.  (Hurry.  It won’t be free long.) Nothing about how the county was looking for a place not near a residential neighborhood…on cheap land…without brick walls and ended up near a residential neighborhood on one … Continue reading