Anomaly in Steve Verr’s Precinct Results

Election night I noticed that McHenry Township Republican Party Chairman Steve Verr had been defeated in his race for re-election as Precinct Committeeman of McHenry Township Precinct 12. Yesterday I researched the townships’s precinct results and made two interesting discoveries. … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Misses Jack Franks’ Allies’ Intrusion Into Republican Primaries

Maybe it’s because no one on the Northwest Herald editorial staff has ever voted in a Republican Primary Election. Or maybe it’s because the staff has not been reading McHenry County Blog. Regardless, the NWH has missed what probably is … Continue reading

Mary McClellan Endorses Janice Dalton in Latest Mailer

“Republicans with Honesty & Integrity” Include Bankrupt Clerk Candidate Republican McHenry County Clerk candidate Janice Dalton, who filed for bankruptcy the same date she filed to run for office and has been accused of misappropriating more than $30,000 from her … Continue reading

A Quadruple Whopper from “Illinois Integrity Fund”

Dark Money Mud Slinging Now Includes Former State Rep. Despite former State Rep. Cal Skinner being awarded custody of his daughter after the alleged incident, the slander seems to surface every election. The allegations on the libelous mailer received yesterday … Continue reading

McHenry County Judicial Candidates’ Campaigns Top Campaign Spending

$198,075 Job at Stake The Republican Primary Election campaign is winding down for the four people running for a countywide judgeship. Since January 1st, family money has fueling two of the campaigns–that of appointed Judge Robert Wilbrandt and Assistant State’s … Continue reading

Candidate for County Board Reaches Out to District 6

Ersel Schuster Robocall Addresses Dark Money Attacks Candidate for County Board District Six, Ersel Schuster, used a robocall Friday afternoon to address Dark Money attacks by the anonymous and illegal political activities of  the “Illinois Integrity Fund.” The “Illinois Integrity … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Pens for Jack Franks’ Agenda

“Illinois Integrity Fund” Sends Another Attack Mailer A dark money source violating state election reporting law has sent out still another mailing in an attempt to defeat the two Republicans who, if elected, would be Democrat Jack Franks worst nightmare. … Continue reading