Chicago Has Stricter Revolving Door Lobbying Rules than General Assembly

It’s hard to believe that Chicago has rules that are more stringent than those that affect Illinois State Representatives and Senators, but they do. Former Alderman Will Burns, from supposedly ethical Hyde Park, agreed to pay a $5,000 fine because … Continue reading

Local State Reps Back Dillard and Hynes

Happened upon the endorsement of State Senator Kirk Dillard by Crystal Lake’s State Rep. Mike Tryon. If anything has been made of it, except listing it on Dillard’s web site in a press release announcing that the Sangamon County Republican … Continue reading

Jack Franks to Enter Pat Quinn Revolving Prison Door Political Scandal

Never let it be said that McHenry County’s State Representative Jack Franks (D-Marengo) doesn’t have a good eye for what will attract media attention. Think of his four-year fight to get cheaper prescription drugs for seniors. Think of his many … Continue reading