Sheriff’s Campaign Contributions – Prim Scores Some Zinke Contributors

I’ve been remiss at looking at the summer campaign contributions of various candidates and office holders. Today, we’ll take a look at the McHenry County Sheriff’s race, first at the man who won the McHenry County Sheriff’s Republican Party Primary … Continue reading

Dave McSweeney’s Complaint against Dee Beaubien’s State Rep. Petitions

For those of you who would like to read the original document, GOP State Rep. candidate Dave McSweeney’s State Board of Elections complaint is below. Dee Beaubien is not sending McHenry County Blog her press releases, so you’ll have to … Continue reading

McSweeney Not Appealing Gaffney Ballot Placement Decision

That’s what campaign manager Jim Thacker told me this morning. “After reviewing our legal options and the timing of the process, we decided to no longer pursue an appeal of the decision. “We remain satisfied in part with the State … Continue reading

McSweeney Charges Gaffney Supporters Broke Law in Gathering Petition Signatures

House Minority Leader Lee Daniels’ top assistant Mike Tristano went to jail for using state-paid House Republican staff employees to work on legislative campaigns. McHenry County was one of the locations where Attorney Rich Means pointed the finger that led … Continue reading