The Illinois Lottery Was Not Passed to Help Education

Every once in a while I’ll hear someone say that the lottery was passed to finance education. If I have time, I’ll correct that impression. When I attended my second New Members Conference put on by the Legislative Research Council, … Continue reading

Former State Senate Ricky Hendren’s Aide & Six Others Arrested in Kickbacks for Grant to Sham Organizations

The press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office follows, but first look at some of what FBI Special Agent Brendan O’Leary wrote to get the arrests: “According to the Illinois State Board of Elections website, [Dean] NICHOLS was a treasurer … Continue reading

Regional “Doomsday” Doesn’t Make the Front Page, Personal “Doomsday” Does

The unions decided to keep their benefits. That was more important than letting the commuters ride the CTA. And the personal grief of Democratic Party Lieutenant Governor Scott Lee Cohen’s son was more important that the doomsday for CTA strap … Continue reading