Prim Attacks Zinke

A press release from Bill Prim, one of two candidates for the Republican nomination for McHenry County Sheriff: PRIM: ZINKE STRATEGY IS DENY, DECEIVE AND DELAY Two recent developments in the primary race for McHenry County Sheriff provide even further evidence … Continue reading

First Electric Newspaper Trying to Prove NWH Got Copy of Nygren’s Zinke DEA Tip-off Exoneration Report

The First Electric Newspaper was in Judge Thomas Meyer’s courtroom again Friday trying to pry the Andy Zinke exoneration report out of McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s hands. Quoting himself, Publisher Pet Gonigan says, “In November the paper editorialized that … Continue reading

Nygren and Zinke Smiling over Pending RITA Decision

According to Pete Gonigan’s First Electric Newspaper and other sources, McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren was exuding confidence after the latest hearing on the paper’s Freedom of Information suit. He and others apparently think Judge Thomas Meyer will protect Nygrn’s … Continue reading

Harrison Says Prim Refused to Debate Him, Zinke Can’t Run Away from Rita Corp. “Scandal”

A press release from Independent candidate for Sheriff Jim Harrison: Independent Sheriff’s Candidate Jim Harrison Invites Republican Candidate Bill Prim to Debate In response to the news that Republican Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke backed out of a scheduled debate with … Continue reading

The First Electric Newspaper’s Case for Making Sheriff’s Department’s Report on Andy Zinke’s Rita Corp. Actions Public

Here’s something to chew on for the weekend. It’s attorney Mary Gardner’s memo on behalf of The First Electric Newspaper‘s attempt to enforce a Freedom of Information request filed for the investigative report by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department’s exonerating … Continue reading

Nygren & Zinke Fear Release of Zinke Investigation on RITA Incident

On Tuesday, Pete Gonigam and his First Electric Newspaper were in court again in the question to gain access to the 100+ page investigation of Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s involvement in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s investigation concerning RTIA Corporation. Of most interest … Continue reading

Over 150 at Bill Prim Meet & Greet

About 150 enthusiastic supporters and just the curious came to meet 2014 Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim at the Bull Valley Country Club Tuesday night It came on the day after Undersheriff Andy Zinke subordinate Sgt. John Koziol swore that his … Continue reading

Andy Zinke Facing Special Prosecutor Request, Ten-Month DEA Probe Revealed to Target July 9, 2012

McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant John Koziol submitted a request that a Special Prosecutor be named to investigate official actions of the man that Sheriff Keith Nygren has put in charge of day-to-day operations, Undersheriff Andrew Zinke. Over a year … Continue reading