Grafton Township Assessor Al Zielinski Not Happy with Supervisor of Assessments

An email from Grafton Township Assessor Al Zielinski: Appealing your 2014 taxes and your 2015 assessments Personally and via my presentations, I’ve explained and cautioned about the assessment games played at the county level. However, I never imagined to what … Continue reading

Will Lower Assessments Lead to Lower Taxes?

The Illinois real estate assessment system bases one’s share of the total bill on the value of one’s property (unless one has farm land). A short history of how we got where we are. The 1870 Constitution required that real … Continue reading

State Says McHenry County Assessments Must Go Down 9%

That’s what Supervisor of Assessments Robert Ross emailed me in September: “The Department of Revenue has indicated McHenry County assessments must go down approximately 9 percent in 2012.” Now comes my Algonquin Township assessment notice and guess what it says? … Continue reading

Assessment Appeal Deadlines Thus Far

There are thirty days to appeal one’s assessment after publication of real estate assessments. Here is the schedule for those whose publication has occurred or who publication is set: 2012 ASSESSMENT PUBLICATIONS The 2012 assessments for McHenry Township will publish … Continue reading

The Tax Cap Did Not Make Your Tax Bill Go Up, Tax District Officials Asking for More Money Did That

Under the heading of “Why your tax bills went up,” in Kevin Craver’s article on the issuance of Property Tax bills is a misstatement from the McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments. The Northwest Herald story says Robert Ross indicated, “The … Continue reading

Lake County Deputy Supervisor of Assessments to Replace Donna Mayberry

Robert Ross, the Chief Deputy Supervisor of Assessments in Lake County, is scheduled to replace retiring McHenry County Supervisor of Assessments Donna Mayberry. Robert Ross the Chief Deputy Supervisor of Assessments in Lake County is scheduled to replace retiring McHenry … Continue reading