Republican Senators Calling for Legislative Action on Robo-Calls

A press release from the Illinois General Assembly: Suburban lawmakers sponsor legislation to combat robo-calls Springfield, IL… Several suburban Republican senators are calling for legislative action on a bill that would put stricter consequences on those who are behind the … Continue reading

A Last Minute Lying Jack Franks Pitch

Sunday McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado made a robo-call pointing out that, contrary to a mailing from one of Lying Jack Franks supporters, Mike Walkup was the Republican candidate for McHenry County Board Chairman. Tonight a fake group … Continue reading

“Independent Real Estate PAC” Endorse Lying Jack Franks and Steve Reick

A Political Action Committee calling itself the “Independent Real Estate PAC” is making robo-calls. It is not a committee registered with the Illinois State Board of Elections, so who knows whose behind it. In any event, the phone call announces … Continue reading

GOP Robo-Calls to Correct Lie that Jack Franks Is a Republican

The following robo-call from the McHenry County Republican Party went broadly across McHenry County Sunday afternoon. It was to correct the Lying Jack Franks mailing sent by an Illinois Realtors PAC. The voice was of GOP Chairman Sandra Salgado. Are … Continue reading

Another Conservative Blast at Pat Quinn’s 75% Tax Hike

This time from Paul Caprio, Executive Director of Family PAC. Here it is: FAMILY-PAC BLASTS QUINN TAX HIKE PROPOSAL Paul Caprio, Director of Family-Pac, today called proposals by Democratic leadership in Springfield to increase the state individual income tax by … Continue reading

Walsh Pledges Continuous Town Hall Meetings

The “news” at Congressman-Elect Joe Walsh’s first post-election Town Hall meeting in McHenry County was that he would not vote for the compromise tax bill being considered in Congress. But the take-away message was that constituents should expect a lot … Continue reading

Provenzano Sends Out Last Mailer

Here is the direct mail piece designed to “close the sale” with voters. 4,700 in all. It would be interesting to compare the endorsements above with the ones Provenzano listed when he announced his candidacy last July. In an email … Continue reading

Jason Plummer Goes Negative

Not today. Today I heard this ever-so-positive ad on radio driving to pick up my son from school. But Friday night’s and Saturday’s phone calls were something else. A woman’s voice comes on the answering machine: “Hello. I’m calling with … Continue reading