Attempt to Woo Ron Paul Supporters Takes a Hit in McHenry County

Mark Widhalm, a Delegate candidate for Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, ran for Republican Precinct Committeeman in McHenry 3 as a write-in. He didn’t win, but was appointed to the spot. Now he has resigned. His resignation letter appears below: Mike … Continue reading

The Libertarians’ Problem with the Illinois Republican Convention

Wonder why the Libertarians who went to the Illinois Republican Convention are dissatisfied with the folks who ran the Tinley Park gathering? I couldn’t find a way to ask for permission to reprint the following, but I wanted you to … Continue reading

Santorum and Gingrich Illinois Coordinators’ Takes on Presidential Objection Withdrawals

I gave you the information passed on by Presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s Illinois Chairman here. Now, here’s what Santorum’s Illinois Coordinator Jon Zahm says, “Leadership from the Romney campaign (Dan Rutherford), Gingrich campaign (Bruce Hansen and Nick Provenzano), Paul campaign … Continue reading

Republicans Form Circular Firing Squad in Presidential Beauty Contests, Delegate Challenges

The song, “Yes, We Have No Bananas,” runs through my mind as I write this story. I guess the word “objections” has the same number of syllables. If the objections are to be believed, Republicans handling Presidential campaigns in Illinois … Continue reading

Rockford Tea Party Releases Presidential Poll Results – Ron Paul Wins, Santorium Second, Romney Next to Last

Into my inbox today arrived the results of the Rockford Tea Party online Presidential survey. To its credit, the organization reveals the number of participants–281. As you can see most were Republicans.  Two-thirds self-identified themselves as such. Significantly, however, the … Continue reading

6th Congressional District Ron Paul Delegates and Alternates Passing Petition

Cary Grade School 26 Board member Chris Jenner tops the candidates for Republican National Convention Delegate on the Ron Paul slate. The entire slate follows: Delegate candidates Chris Jenner – Cary Matthew Phillips – Lombard Robert J. Schlereth – Lake … Continue reading