Donna Kurtz Explains County Board Approval of Randall-Algonquin Road Improvement

The following was written by McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz: WHY FIXING RANDALL ROAD / ALGONQUIN ROAD INTERSECTION AREA MATTERS Most will agree that the Randall and Algonquin Roads intersection and surrounding area is a significant congestion problem for … Continue reading

Franks Leads with 10% Property Tax Cut Promise

In an email blasted out by Jack Franks for his County Board Chairmanship campaign, He promises to cut county government’s property tax levy by 10% the first day he is in office. That would be during the first week of December, if … Continue reading

NWH Poll Has 65% Saying County Board Should Not Widen Randall Road

No way to know if the Northwest Herald’s poll on Wednesday is representative or not–or even how many people took part, but the results were not the pro-rapid growth forces in McHenry County would have wanted. The question was Should … Continue reading

RTA Sales Tax Could Displace Property Taxes Financing Sheriff’s Department

I’ve shared what the McHenry County Board could do to cut property taxes big time. They’ve already sliced $3 million of their $79 million real estate tax bill by zeroing out the levy for the Valley Hi Nursing Home. That’s … Continue reading

If You Want the County Board to Use the RTA Sales Tax Money to Replace Property Taxes…

With the McHenry County Transportation Committee having rejected a motion to take $5.7 million out of the RTA Sales Tax Fund, a reader asked if that meant real estate taxes would go down. The short answer is that it does … Continue reading

$10 Million to Expedite Randall Road Land Purchase Rejected

The McHenry County Transportation Committee rejected the staff proposal to approve spending $10 million to “expedite” right-of-way purchase for an expansion of Randall Road. The article announcing proposal can be found here. Also contained in the article is how $5.7 … Continue reading

$10 Million More to “Expedite” Randall Road Right-of-Way Purchases

Next Wednesday, the McHenry County Board’s Transportation Committee has before it a request to authorize another $10 million  for “the acquisition of right-of-way for the Randall Road widening and resurfacing capacity improvement project.” $5 million was previously appropriated in February of 2014. … Continue reading

TORA – Ticket to Re-Election

The petitions for re-election are being circulated for Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley and Council members Cathy Ferguson, Ellen Brady Mueller and Brett Hopkins. And, just in time for the campaign, there is an election kick-off party that required the … Continue reading

Schillerstrom Pulls Self Out of Consideration for RTA Board Chairman

The man more responsible than anyone else for the Regional Transportation Authority’s tripling of the RTA Sales Tax in McHenry and other collar counties has decided he doesn’t want to be RTA Chairman anyway. He told the Chicago Sun-Times that … Continue reading

McHenry Council Considers Raising City Sales Tax 50%

To raise the McHenry City Sales Tax 50% or not. That was the question last night at a sparsely attended public hearing. It’s less than the Crystal Lake City Council raised its City Sales Tax. In the county’s biggest municipality, … Continue reading

Jason Plummer Goes Negative

Not today. Today I heard this ever-so-positive ad on radio driving to pick up my son from school. But Friday night’s and Saturday’s phone calls were something else. A woman’s voice comes on the answering machine: “Hello. I’m calling with … Continue reading

Thoughts About the Governor’s Race

If you looked at the front page of the Chicago Tribune Sunday, you saw five candidates on top of the page. They are ones that the Tribune’s poll found leading in both the Democratic and Republican Party primaries. It was … Continue reading

Pam Althoff Letter Endorsing Kirk Dillard Arrives

As U.S. House Democratic Party Speaker Tip O’Neill said, “All politics is local.” So, I guess that puts McHenry County Blog in the right place for those who want to know about “local.” That’s what McLean County Pundit reminds readers … Continue reading

Working Their Way Back to You, Babe

Sunday, my wife and I saw “Jersey Boys.” The Frankie Valli actor sang, “Working My Way Back to You, Babe.” As I read Republican gubernatorial candidate Andy McKenna’s press release announcing he had signed the American for Tax Reform’s “Taxpayer … Continue reading

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bob Schillerstrom Takes Poll

A pollster for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Schillerstrom called yesterday afternoon. Schillerstrom is DuPage County Board Chairman. The pollster wanted to know if I would vote for Schillerstrom for governor. I told her, “No.” She didn’t ask why, but, if … Continue reading

Photos from Sunday’s Young Republicans Candidates’ Event in Barrington

Here are photos that Drew Veeneman took Sunday at the Young Republicans regional candidates’ day in Barrington. Adam Andrzejewski, candidate for the Republican nomination for governor. Andrzejewski prospered in the private sector. His web site touts “Adam for Illinois.” Bob … Continue reading