Craig Wilcox Sees No Reason Committee Selection Committee Can’t Meet, Warns of Quid Pro Quo Perception

Comments from newly-elected McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox: Thank you Mr Chairman, I appreciate your words on “Focusing on outcomes, and not politics” and “Putting the politics aside” so in regards to that, I just wanted to address the … Continue reading

First Frank’s Transparency Failure

In an email that newly-sworn in McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks sent before taking office, he promised, “We will be the most efficient, transparent and effective County in the Nation.” This afternoon, I have been searching for the Rules … Continue reading

Franks Desire to “Run McHenry County” Surfaces in Daily Herald Letter

A letter to the Daily Herald from Cary’s Chris Lawrence, which is published with permission of the author: Franks running for Dictator of McHenry County Jack Franks doesn’t want to be McHenry County Board Chairman, Franks wants to be Dictator of … Continue reading

Walkup-Gottemoller Tift

From the McHenry County Board tape of Tuesday’s meeting during the consideration of allowing the at-large elected Chairman to make all committee appointments: The following ensued after Mike Skala and Anna Mae Miller introduced an amendment to the proposed Board Rules … Continue reading

County Board Doesn’t Seem to Understand Separation of Powers

Having read Kevin Craver’s article about the changes in the County Board’s rules after the 2016 at-large election of a McHenry County Board Chairman, I have concluded that were we in the 1770’s most members would have been Loyalists to … Continue reading

Efforts to Decentralize Power on County Board Defeated

The McHenry County Board started meeting at 9 and didn’t finish until after one. Sitting there through the whole meeting, especially during the rules debate, was like watching paint dry. After the first vote, it was obvious that insurgents would … Continue reading

Referendum to Elect County Board Chairman Every Two Years Goes to Full Board

After a short debate, the Management Services Committee sent a resolution to the McHenry County Board that would authorize a referendum next spring on whether or not to elect the County Board Chairman for two-year terms. The was 6-1 with … Continue reading