Is McSweeney Bill to Grossly Increase Power of Jack Franks Constitutional?

The following comment from “Cheap Goat” sounds like a legal opinion to meL The “McHenry County Equitable Standards and Government Efficiency Law” is as phony as a three dollar bill. It’s special purpose legislation. And special purpose legislation is expressly … Continue reading

Jack Franks Vote Dips from 64% to 59% in Campaign with Steve Reick

Just got around to reading the Northwest Herald’s takes on the election. The most interesting tidbit was Democratic Party Jack Franks’ comment: “I think people would be happy with a [nearly] 20-point win.” Note that reporter Emily Coleman added the … Continue reading

Republican Jerry Dietz Announces Intention to Take on Lake County Incumbent Democrat Sam Yingling

An announcement from Gerry Dietz that he is running against Democrat Sam Yingling in the 62nd State Rep. District: Gerald (Jerry) Dietz, 44 announced today that he would seek the Republican nomination for 62nd State Representative District My name is … Continue reading