CL Restaurant Sanitation Ratings – The Pizza Place – X-Treme Wheels

Restaurant customers may be on the verge of being able to figure out how clean their favorite establishment is. The Public Health Committee of the McHenry County Board discussed making the Health Department’s quarterly inspections much more friendly to those … Continue reading

CL Restaurant Sanitation Ratings – Portarelli’s – The Morning Grind

At its last meeting the McHenry County Board’s Public Health Committee looked favorably on more transparency concerning sanitation reports of area restaurants. The Committee split four to two with Chairwoman Donna Kurtz, John Hammerand and Paula Yensen coming down on … Continue reading

Telling Customers Cleanliness of Restaurants, CL Ratings 1776 – Crystal Brewing

Led by McHenry County Board members Donna Kurtz, John Hammerand and Paula Yensen, the Public Health Committee supported having restaurant inspections made more public than they are now. Opposing the proposal were Mary McCann and Anna May Miller. You may … Continue reading