Local School Finances – How to Probe

Crack researcher Susan Handelsmann of rural Woodstock has put together a “how to” piece about figuring out what your school board has done with school finances. It is presented below for McHenry Grade School District 15, but can be adapted … Continue reading

Local State Senators Facilitate Sales Tax Hike – Roll Calls for House & Senate

Educators know that people don’t notice sales taxes, so they convinced the Illinois General Assembly to enact legislation to allow sales taxes to be raised and designated for schools. People would be told that property taxes would be cut, but … Continue reading

Schools Pull the Wool over 226 Illinois House Eyes

“It’s just a little nothing bill.” I can hear the words coming out of House Sponsor Roger Eddy to colleagues asking privately what the bill was all about. Not that I know Eddy. I just know the process. When you … Continue reading

Appellate Court Says School Districts May Have to File Campaign Disclosure Reports

What would you do if your local school district sent you this newsletter shortly before a bond referendum was to be voted upon? (You will have to click on the images to be able to read them.) In the Fall … Continue reading