Marengo Parade Bands, Pols…Ending with a Big Bang – Part 4

Mentioned a couple of times was local radio station WXMR. Victory Rock Fellowship featured its presence on the air in a sign on the side of its float. Kelly Liebman of Wonder Lake announced her candidacy for McHenry County Board … Continue reading

Marengo Parade Bands, Pols…Ending with a Big Bang – Part 1

The weather for the Settlers Days Parade was perfect. The temperature was in the 70’s. There wasn’t much wind. I plunked my lawn chair down at the corner across from Brandt’s Pharmacy. It was also, for the first time, really … Continue reading

Five Politicians Parade in Marengo

Partisan politicians were few and far between community organizations and commercial entries in Marengo’s Settlers Days Parade Sunday. Not counting the Mayor of Marengo, Don Lockhart, and Union Village President Robert Wagner, there were only five politicians in the town’s … Continue reading

Politicians In (and Not In) the Marengo Parade

Marengo’s Settlers Days Parade is one of the best in McHenry County. As you would expect, my eyes were searching for political aspects. Mayor Don Lockhart was riding in one of the first cars after that of Parade Marshall Richard … Continue reading

Jack Jumps Out of the Box, “Vote Yes” on His County Executive Literature Same as “Republican” Group’s Yard Signs

I go to parades to see what candidates show up.  And which ones don’t. Last year, for instance, before Congressman Joe Walsh decided not to run where he lived, but, instead, run in a newly-gerrymandered 8th District which contains none … Continue reading

Marengo Settlers Day Parade – More County Board Politicians & Other Entries – Part 3

Monday and Tuesday, I ran the final look at Marengo’s Settlers Days Parade. Today we complete our visit of one of the better parades of the year. I wasn’t the only one taking photographs. On the back of the big … Continue reading

Settlers Day Parade – More County Board Politicians & Other Entries – Part 2

Yesterday, I started my wrap-up of the Marengo Settlers Days Parade. I started out to highlight the political aspects of the event, but all the high school bands and floats sucked me into deeper coverage. Still another high school band … Continue reading

Marengo Settlers Day Parade – More County Board Politicians & Other Entries – Part 1

It’s too bad that it takes so long to post photos.  I still haven’t finished the Marengo Settlers Day Parade from a couple of weeks ago. When we stopped looking at what entries offered on that beautiful day in Marengo, … Continue reading

Marengo Settlers Day Parade – County Politics, etc.

I think I have concluded that the Marengo Settlers Day Committee puts the politicians and candidates who march or ride in order of importance: Federal State County Since we did Federal on Sunday and state on Tuesday, we’re now down … Continue reading

Cub Scout Columbus Day Preview

On Sunday a the Settlers Days Parade, there were two appropriately timed floats built by Cub Scouts. Well, their parents probably helped. First was a representation of the Pinta, built by Cub Scout Pack 163. Zion Lutheran Church sponsors Cub … Continue reading

Marengo Settler’s Days Parade – Political Edition, etc.

There were Federal, state and county board politicians at the Settler’s Day Parade, but most interesting thing I found was the absence of prospective McHenry County 14th Congressional District nominee Randy Hultgren. In this very open territory, 8th District Republican … Continue reading