Second Telephone Poll Last Night

Two nights ago I received a “one-minute poll” from an unidentified source. Just three questions. Last night Susan Anderson called to ask me seven questions. The end of the survey said it was from Communications Express at 618-528-5700. Area code … Continue reading

Paul Simon Family Escapes Unscathed from Sponsorship of Unconstitutional Law

It never ceases to surprise me that the mainstream media ignores the sponsor of the eavesdropping bill recently held unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court. It was sponsored by Lt. Governor Shiela Simon’s mother, Jeanne Hurley Simon. The bill was … Continue reading

McHenry County College Is Number One in Percentage Graduating in Three Years–24%

The Chicago Tribune reportedon the work produce of Lt. Gov. Shiela Simon’s tour of all the community colleges in the state. The story emphasized the low percentage of junior college students who complete two-year degrees or career certificates in three … Continue reading