County Board Passes Noise Ordinance Gun Owners Think Aimed at Them

The McHenry County Board approved an ordinance last Tuesday night whose origin was stopping the noise of gun fire in rural areas. One of the locations was in Hartland Township next to a Conservation District property. If memory serves me … Continue reading

Sheriff’s Deputy Injured on Firing Range Sues Frangible Ammunition Firm

The firm that provided the ammunition that is supposed to disintegrate upon impact was sued by McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Woods in Federal Court on January 25, 2011. McHenry County Blog obtained the purchase orders through a Freedom of … Continue reading

Skeet Shooting and Breakfast for High Rolling Joe Walsh Supporters

Supporters of the Second Amendment are especially invited to the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation for skeet shooting with Congressman Joe Walsh followed by breakfast. As you can see from the invitation below, the price is steep–$250 for breakfast and $1,000 … Continue reading

More on the Shooting Range Incident from Sheriff’s Challenger Mike Mahon

Explanations McHenry County Sheriff’s Department and shooting range injured Deputy Eric Woods have offered about his shooting and the extent of Wood’s injury are challenged in press release which arrived this morning. The release follows: INJURIES CONTINUE TO NAG SHERIFF’S … Continue reading

Investigation Promised of Eric Woods Shooting Range Wounding If Mike Mahon Elected

Looks like there might be a deeper investigation of the wounding of McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Woods if incumbent Keith Nygren isn’t re-elected. It’s not too likely that Democrat Mike Mahon will defeat Nygren, given the predominant Republican leanings … Continue reading

Shooting Range Ammo Used Day Eric Woods Got Wounded

Still trying to discover the details of what happened March 15th when McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy is reported to have been shot by ricocheting frangible ammunition, I filed a Freedom of Information request asking for its purchase order. Here’s what … Continue reading

Eric Woods Shooting Range Bullet Ricochet Accident Drawing and Recommendations Received

McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy A. Thomas is credited with this drawing of a recreation of the accident that took Deputy Eric Woods to the hospital twice as a result of a March 15th SWAT Team practice accident. Above is the … Continue reading

Eric Woods’ Shooting Injury “Road Rash,” Nygren Says

The Northwest Herald published a story about Eric Woods’ being hit by bullet fragments in Sunday’s paper, which I got for free at the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. The most interesting part was McHenry County Sheriff Keith … Continue reading

Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Woods Makes Return Trip to the Hospital

McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Woods must have been received bullet fragments wounds worse than folks thought. So far, only Woodstock Advocate—here and here—and McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed—here and here—have run articles.  You can find my first article with … Continue reading