McHenry Township Road District Consolidation Referendum Sign Vandals Called “Thugs”

From the Northwest Herald, republished her with permission of author Jeffrey Mayer: Time to Consolidate Little things sometimes tell you about the people who are on different sides of an issue. Sometimes both sides of a political debate are composed … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Dirty Politics

From the vandalism of this McHenry Township Road District consolidation sign on Ridge Road in Bull Valley, one might think that opponents to the fall referendum are not willing to run an ethical referendum campaign. Or, it may be his … Continue reading

Walsh Volunteer Steve Tucker Catches Maryland Car Stealing His Signs

I haven’t done a story on sign stealing, but it certainly is happening. I should have taken a photo last week of the missing Mike Mahon sign between the Keith Nygren and Sally Wiggins signs on the northeast corner of … Continue reading

Sign Effort for Mike Mahon Kicks into Gear

Mike Mahon was busy at work putting signs up throughout the county Saturday. They weren’t going in the public rights-of-way. They were being put on donor’s private properties, the campaign says. Earlier this week the McHenry County Highway Department took … Continue reading