“You Didn’t Kiss Our Feet, So, So Sorry, We’re Keeping the $4.3 Million We Never Had”

In lawyer-like language what I have written above is pretty much what the Soar to Higher—finally a legally register—Foundation wrote Cary Grade School District 26. Well, most of it. There is a little ridicule. More to follow. And, by the … Continue reading

“Show Me the Money!” Not

Well, glory be. Former School Board President and current spouse of school board member and front man for the Soar to Higher Heights Foundation David Ruelle now admits to the Daily Herald that none of the promised $4.3 million is … Continue reading

Soar to Higher Heights Foundation Doesn’t Show Cary Grade School District 26 Any Money

Would you irreversibly agree to spend over 4 million dollars and in return people might show you they have $4 million that could pay for such spending? I believe this is what is called a “Fool’s Proposal.” You give and … Continue reading