Algonquin Township Trustees Rachael Lawrence and Melissa Victor Call Special Meeting for 2 Friday Afternoon to Release Secret Session Info

You can see the meeting notice below. It says the only order of business is to consider releasing information discussed at an Executive (secret) Session at the regular meeting on January 9th for which “there is no longer a need … Continue reading

NWH Takes Note of Jack Franks’ Patronage Hires and Thursday Meeting to Eliminate Those Improperly Filled Positions

In his ninth month as McHenry County Board Chairman, the Northwest Herald has taken notice that Jack Franks has made “political hires.” It’s in a story about the Special Meeting called Thursday by a minority of Republicans on the County … Continue reading

Jack Franks/Peter Austin/John Jung Won’t Allow Craig Wilcox’ Special Meeting on Firing Franks’ Patronage Employees

The following email was sent to Human Resources Chairman John Jung and McHenry County Administrator Peter Austin: Call for Human Resources Cmte meeting on June 13, 2017 Mr. Jung, Mr. Austin, Mr. Wilcox (District 4), Pursuant to the fact the … Continue reading

The Petition for a Special Meeting to Allow a Vote on Holding an April Referendum on Whether Voters Should Select the County Board Chairman

Here are the McHenry County Board members who signed Nick Provenzano’s petition to call a special meeting on Friday, January 18th at 9 AM to consider whether voters should have a shot in April at passing a referendum on whether … Continue reading

Grafton Township’s Very Special Meeting Canceled

The folks that went to the special Grafton Township meeting last night found the doors locked and a notice that the meeting had been canceled due to lack of a quorum. I have never heard of a meeting being canceled … Continue reading