Gubernatorial Campaign Spending Up to $20 a Person

As of today, here are the amounts in play in the campaign for Illinois Governor.  Data accumulated by a Friend of McHenry County Blog. JB Pritzger  $ 60,002,990.86  $     148,574,662.85 Bruce V. Rauner  $ 33,743,178.15  $       78,845,075.75 Sam McCann  $      974,251.00  $         1,623,885.08 Grayson … Continue reading

How Local Dems Spent their Money from April Through June

The McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee show having raised almost $19,000 from April through now. The total was boosted that high by about $12,000 from JB Pritzker funneled though the Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association. In the second quarter … Continue reading

Mike Tryon Publishes Project Vote Smart Questionnaire

My Crystal Lake State Representative Mike Tryon is doing exactly what I would do. He is filling out all sorts of questionnaires and publishing them on his campaign web site. Here it is the latest one, a comprehensive one from … Continue reading