Crystal Lake Library Board Member Rebutts Steve Willson’s Critique

To set this up, here’s Lakewood’s Steve Willson’s observations concerning the deminishing patronage of the Crystal Lake Public Library: Orginally, from Lakewood resident Steve Wilson: Crystal Lake Library Annual Statistical Report Crystal Lake Library recently mailed its “Annual Report” to … Continue reading

Crystal Lake High School Board Approves Teachers’ Contract after Five Months of Negotiations

A press release from Crystal Lake High School District 155: D155 Reaches Agreement with D155 Education Association The District 155 Board of Education approved the teachers’ contract on Thursday, January 24. The D155 Education Association, district administrators, and the Board … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Public Library Circulation Down Precipitously in Last Nine Years

From Lakewood resident Steve Wilson: Crystal Lake Library Annual Statistical Report Crystal Lake Library recently mailed its “Annual Report” to all the families in Crystal. It has lots of pictures and graphics showing statistics on usage for the fiscal year … Continue reading

Time for Watchdogs to Run for Office against Cheerleaders

A letter for the editor of the Northwest Herald, reprinted here with permission of writer Stephen Willson of Lakewood: Run for Office Editor: Our government is supposed to be a system of checks and balances. Locally, that means school boards … Continue reading

Critique of Allen Skillicorn’s Proposal to Allow Cities to Enter Bankruptcy

Bond analyst Steve Willson critiques State Rep. Allen Skillicorn’s legislation to allow municipalities to go through bankruptcy: With due respect to Mr. Skillicorn, this legislation will provide virtually no relief to Illinois taxpayers. The purpose of municipal bankruptcy is to … Continue reading

Steve Willson Wonders How Intent to Defraud Can Be Proven in IMRF Pension Situation

Under this story, local resident Steve Willson offers his opinion on the McHenry County Board’s pension problem: It was a witch hunt, pure and simple, and a selective one at that, given that former board members and downstate County board … Continue reading

Part 3 – Reasons for Opposing the Lakewood TIF District

Lakewood resident Steve Willson took offense at Lakewood Village President Erin Smith’s comments about the lack of knowledge of those criticizing Lakewood’s Tax Increment Financing in a Northwest Herald article Saturday. My third objection: subsidizing a speculative project. If there … Continue reading

Debate on Lakewood TIF Intense

The comment section under articles about Lakewood’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District and Paul Serwatka’s write-in campaign aimed directly at it is being hotly debated on McHenry County Blog. Here is what appears under the article about Steve Wilson’s letter: … Continue reading

Steve Willson’s Analysis of MCCD Board President David Brandt’s Critique of Andrew Gasser’s Criticism

What a convoluted headline. As I was writing about my verification that the McHenry County Conservation District tax hike bill had been signed by Governor Pat Quinn, I predicted that there would be a rebuttal to MCCD Board President David … Continue reading

MCC Asking for Bids for “Architectural/Space Utilization Services”

This popped into my inbox this morning from Digital Journal: Under the headline appeared the following: Crystal Lake, IL (PRWEB) May 31, 2014 is currently reporting on the McHenry County College Architectural/Space Utilization Services due June 19, 2014, 4:00 … Continue reading

Prying the Jail Cost Numbers from the Locked Down Sheriff’s Department

Municipal bond analyst Steve Wilson left the following message under the first part of my report of the McHenry County Board debate about the $10 increase for housing Federal prisoners: How much are we losing each day per prisoner? I … Continue reading

Steve Willson Suggests “Real” Reason for Old MCC Board’s Extending Vicky Smith’s Contract

Found in an email from Steve Willson: The real reason the lame duck MCC board will extend Smith’s contract at their last meeting can be explained quickly and easily using a simple 4×4 grid. In short, this is a payoff, … Continue reading