“First Come, First Served” Proves Bad Strategy for Awarding Stimulus Bond Authority

The McHenry County Board’s Finance Committee decided to award millions of dollars of Federal Stimulus Bond authority on a “first come, first served” basis. The first two private entities in line were sports related. One was Mark Houser’s EquityOne’s baseball … Continue reading

SportsPlex Bond Issuance Deadline to be Missed

A press release has arrived from Lakewood Village President Erin Smith about the financing of the McHenry County SportsPlex, which the village approved for the west side of Route 47 opposite the south leg of Route 176. Here it is: … Continue reading

Lakewood Trustee Shares Thoughts on Village Board Meeting – Part 2

Yesterday, we saw the first part of Lakewood Village Trustee Ken Sankowski’s report on the November 9th village board meeting.  He covered the tax levy and the dam in Turnberry. In today’s installment, he covers the SportsPlex and stimulus bonds. … Continue reading

Lakewood Trustee Shares Thoughts on Village Board Meeting – Part 1

Lakewood Village Trustee Ken Santowski writes up his thoughts on village board meetings and shares them with constituents who are interested. His thoughts on the last village board meeting follow: Board update from November 9th, 2010 The meeting this week … Continue reading

Joe Walsh Reports Barack Obama-Melissa Bean Stimulus Law Created 169.46 Jobs

The following press release has been received from 8th District Republican candidate for Congress Joe Walsh: JOE WALSH COMMENTS ON FAILURE OF STIMULUS BILL, CALLS ON A NEW DIRECTION FOR THE AMERICAN ECONOMY (Grayslake, IL) – Critics of President Obama’s nearly … Continue reading

Lakewood Explains SportsPlex

You will remember that details about the McHenry County SportsPlex have been dribbling out a little bit at a time. Some residents have been upset enough to distribute a broadside, which I publishes here. (We found it after coming back … Continue reading

County Highway Work Announced

And, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day story. Rather it is a press release from the McHenry County Transportation Department: The McHenry County Division of Transportation is proud to announce the 2010 interactive construction map at  mchenrycountydot.org. This map will … Continue reading

Lakewood President Erin Smith’s Letter to Residents

Dear Neighbors, I would like to take this opportunity to provide a series of brief updates to you regarding items that have been addressed during recent Board Meetings and other topics where I have received questions or comments from residents.  … Continue reading

Lakewood SportsPlex Proposal Getting Curiouser and Curiouser

Read this article on The First Electric Newspaper about the unsavory background of one of the McHenry County SportsPlex’ consultants. The publication reports SportsPlex supporters introduced “Terry Gaouette, Vice President of Administration and Business Consulting Services for H&K Sports Fields, … Continue reading

Manzullo Attacks Stimulus Failure

Today must be “GOP Congressional Criticism of President Barack Obama’s stimulus program.” (Note Congressman Peter Roskam’s press release on the same subject here.) Manzullo: Three Million More Americans Out of Work on 1st Anniversary of Failed Stimulus Bill WASHINGTON – … Continue reading

May Letter Outlines $5 Million in Direct and Indirect Lakewood Financial Assistance to Sportsplex Developer Lou Tenore

Approved unanimously by the McHenry County Finance and Audit Committee this morning, the proposed $40 million McHenry County Sportsplex comes with $5 million worth of strings to Lakewood taxpayers, including $1 million to buy the land on Route 47 and … Continue reading

Manzullo Opposes Tax Breaks Out of TARP Funds

16th Congressional District U.S. Representative Don Manzullo (R-Egan) was asked to comment on President’s Barack Obama’s most recent proposal to rev up the economy. “We’ve got to stop this crazy spending going on,” Manzullo told the Fox business channel. Manzullo’s … Continue reading

Is Huntley School District Cover-Up Unraveling? Part 2

Yesterday, the first half of a report was published on what happened on the special ed front at the parents advisory committee meeting and the subsequent school board meeting. What follows, concludes that report. Board member Aileen Seedorf questioned a … Continue reading

Huntley District 158 Special Ed Moms Draw Blood, Board Divided – Part 2

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog began a rather exhaustive report on Thursday night’s meeting of the Huntley School District 158 school board meeting on how to spend Federal Stimulus money earmarked for special education. Today we continue the comments made by … Continue reading

Is Federal Special Ed Funding to Be Used to Expand Regular Ed Programs?

We would like to think government employees wouldn’t take money away from special ed children and use it for regular education. Especially when money is specifically designated for special ed use. Even if the Federal law allows such a diversion … Continue reading

Baseball Stadium Stadium Bond Thoughts from Heartland Institute Research Fellow

The local expert on stadiums is McHenry’s Steve Stanek. He is a Research Fellow with the Heartland Institute. When I read in Kevin Craver’s article in the Northwest Herald that the McHenry County Board is thinking of awarding the largest … Continue reading

"What Really Happened in Springfield"

That’s what State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) said he was going to tell McHenry County Democrats at their central committee meeting Wednesday night. Lang is a 22-year member of the Illinois House and Mike Madigan’s floor leader. “I’m involved in … Continue reading

U.S. Senate Candidate Ed Varga Speaks to McHenry County YR’s, Statewide Forum Today

The patriotic decor of Crystal Lake’s 1776 restaurant was an ideal setting for Wednesday night’s meeting of the McHenry County Young Republicans. It was so much more appropriate that the little room in the Pizza Hut basement outside the men’s … Continue reading

Foundation Level Hiked $160 to $6119

Maybe you’ll read it here first. Increases in money to local school districts have been decided. The information is online at the State Board of Education’s web site. Begin the gnashing of teeth. Or will it be sighs of relief? … Continue reading