Evertsen Calls Out Woodstock Independent for Comparing Joe Tirio to a Porn Star

Published in the Woodstock Independent, this letter to the Editor from Diane Evertsen is republished here with the author’s permission: Gentlemen: As adults we are responsible to cultivate in our children the need to have principles and standards, without which … Continue reading

Reader Reaction to Woodstock Independent Editorial Hit Piece on Joe Tirio – Part 1

The first reaction to this week’s Woodstock Independent editorial, still not on the internet, attacking Joe Tirio for daring to file a lawsuit to discover who is responsible for maligning him came from Woodstock Republican Precinct Committeeman Richard Rostron: Very … Continue reading

Woodstock Independent Descends to Tabloid Level

The Woodstock Independent rarely covers anything in government above the municipal level of Woodstock, Bull Valley, sometimes Wonder Lake governments and the local school board. I only remember seeing a reporter elsewhere at one McHenry County College Board meeting. Nothing … Continue reading