Democratic Congressional Committee Comes Calling

A short survey from the Democratic Congressional Committee, identifying itself as the “DCC,” took place Tuesday night. The questions were Likelihood of voting Candidate favored for Congress, Casten, Roskam, undecided If undecided, who would you vote for today. Birth year … Continue reading

Fifty Crystal Lake Library Patrons Surveyed on Expansion Needs

Crystal Lake Library card holder Stephen Willson is on a mission. You can read his analysis of the Library’s expansion plans here. There have been ten comments so far, including one that started, “This is the most informative article I … Continue reading

Daily Herald Tries to Cover Rear End on Joe Walsh

The paper that has done everything it could to make sure that 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean gets re-elected is running a major article in Sunday’s. Lowering the risk of being on the wrong side is my guess. The Daily … Continue reading

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Bob Schillerstrom Takes Poll

A pollster for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Schillerstrom called yesterday afternoon. Schillerstrom is DuPage County Board Chairman. The pollster wanted to know if I would vote for Schillerstrom for governor. I told her, “No.” She didn’t ask why, but, if … Continue reading

Polling for Governor Last Week

April 14th, a pollster called one of McHenry County Blog’s friends in Algonquin. Here’s my contact’s description of the phone call: She said she was located in Asia and representing Western Wats. I tried to jot down her questions, not … Continue reading