Lakewood TIF Timeline

Rural Woodstock resident Susan Handelsman offer the following summary of Lakewood’s Tax Increment Financing District: Lakewood TIF Timeline: 1.Late 2014-Early 2015; Lakewood announced plans for, and voted into existence, a 600+ acre tif district which would include a Sportsplex on … Continue reading

Susan Handelsman Reacts to D200-Lakewood TIF Meeting

From Susan Handelsman, the woman who started the Woodstock School District 200 opposition to the Lakewood Tax Increment Financing District: Lakewood TIF Litigation Evidently the Chairwoman of school district 200 board [Camille Goodwiin] has unilaterally decided to negotiate with Lakewood, … Continue reading

Woodstock School District Looking at Suing Lakewood over TIF District

Lakewood’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District is on the agenda of the Woodstock School District Tuesday. Here’s the posting: Approval of Resolution Authorizing Lawsuit against the Village of Lakewood Seeking Dissolution of the Illinois Route 47 and Illinois Route 176 … Continue reading

Protection Offered for Woodstock School Board

Rural Woodstock’s Susan Handelsman has prepared a critique of Woodstock School District 200. She compares statistics from the Woodstock School District with those of Huntley’s. Comparing Woodstock and Huntley School Districts D200  Budget Planning Parameters and Assumptions include EAV [Equalized Assessed … Continue reading

Connecting the Population Decline Dots

Its too early to suggest that the photo here represents the future of McHenry County, but with population being down in McHenry County since 2010, while being up in all the other Chicago-area counties, it could be that the County … Continue reading

No Board Opposition to Lakewood TIF District

Lakewood joined the parade of municipalities that want Tax Increment Financing Districts. Since McHenry County Blog was created in reaction to Crystal Lake’s proposal to create the Vulcan Lakes TIF District and since I’m a resident of Lakewood, I felt … Continue reading