Woodstock 18-Year Old Arrested for Shooting Up Neighborhood Gets Seven Charges

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department: Arrest – Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm Investigation On Friday, October 20th, , 2017, at 3:28 a.m., the Woodstock Police Department opened an investigation regarding the discharge of a firearm that occurred … Continue reading

Investigation Promised of Eric Woods Shooting Range Wounding If Mike Mahon Elected

Looks like there might be a deeper investigation of the wounding of McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Woods if incumbent Keith Nygren isn’t re-elected. It’s not too likely that Democrat Mike Mahon will defeat Nygren, given the predominant Republican leanings … Continue reading

Mike Mahon Campaign Says Process Servers Should Have Bulletproof Vests

That’s the gist of a statement released today by Democratic Party sheriff challenger Mike Mahon.  He is running against Republican incumbent Keith Nygren and Green Party candidate Gus Philpott. The release  follows: MAHON CAMPAIGN CRITICIZES INDIFFERENCE TO OFFICER SAFETY AT … Continue reading