UPDATEDx3: The Awful Horror of November 2024 if Donald Trump Wins Nomination

Donald Trump, 7/1/23 Jumping forward in time to November of 2024 when all signs in August of 2023 point to the awful horror of Democrats’ clean sweep if Trump wins Republican presidential nomination Exclusive to McHenry County Blog from John … Continue reading

IL-11: Congressman Bill Foster Casts Two Abortion-on-Demand Votes, The Truth and No Reaction from Catalina Lauf or Stance on National Abortion Ban

Bill Foster From Bill Foster (D, Naperville) congressional office press release of Friday, July 15: Foster Votes to Restore Reproductive Rights and Abortion Access Nationwide Washington, DC – Today [Friday], Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) released the following statement after the … Continue reading

66th House District: Suzanne Ness Doubles Down for Abortion-on-Demand

Suzanne Ness What can be taken as a sick attempt at April Fool’s Day humor, state Representative tweets her support for “reproductive rights” that do not exist, even under Roe v. Wade, let alone to justify Abortion-on-Demand Friday morning at … Continue reading

Texas Primary Results and Possible Impacts to Illinois, Part 1

Henry Cuellar Henry Cuellar Forced to Runoff, Ratings Changed for Cuellar District to “Toss-up” Reprinted with permission from Illinois Family Action, written by John Lopez Note from John Lopez: With all of the attention spent since early March on candidate … Continue reading

Message of the Day UPDATED: Leftist Rogues’ Gallery in TX-28 Progressive Tweet

UPDATE 2/25/22, 11:49AM CST: The Cisneros tweet with the meme, was tweeted late Thursday afternoon, so it is no longer a deleted tweet, or more accurately, it was a deleted tweet for about six hours. Changes made to article accordingly. … Continue reading