IL-11: Catalina Lauf Continues Subtle Ageism at McHenry County Meeting

Catalina Lauf “I think there’s a HUGE need for young business owners and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap with our elected officials. For example— how many of our 75+ yr old Senators who have been there for 40 years…understand things … Continue reading

IL-11 UPDATED: Mark Carroll Formally Announces Candidacy for Congress

Mark Carroll Write-up in Daily Herald reveals in addition to being the only Republican in race with elected office experience and a back-office financial services attorney, Carroll interned for Congress in the mid 1990s UPDATE 3/2/22, 11:05AM CST: Yesterday, McHenry … Continue reading

IL-11 UPDATED: Republican Congressional Candidates Slammed over Responses to RNC Description of Capitol Riots

Cassandra Tanner Miller Catalina Lauf Only two of the 6 candidates for IL-11 responded to the Daily Herald and both Catalina Lauf and Cassandra Tanner Miller betrayed lacking maturity, but the others not responding at all equally disappointing UPDATE 2/23/22, … Continue reading

TX-08/IL-11/IL-15 UPDATED: Catalina Lauf Hired Gun Alex Bruesewitz Speaks at “America First” Rally in Texas Saturday

Alex Bruesewitz The highest profile congressional primary among Republicans in Texas with eleven candidates on next week’s ballot is a showdown between “America First” Republicans and the Establishment/”RINO” between two candidates and a possible runoff on May 24 UPDATE 2/22/22, … Continue reading