IL-08: Republican Mark Rice and John Lopez Discuss the Extreme Elements Behind Biden Administration War on Independent Contractors

Getting to the truth and past the talking points, narratives, platitudes and bromides Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez On Tuesday, January 30, IL-08 Republican congressional candidate Mark Rice (R, Chicago) and I had a detailed discussion via … Continue reading

Independent Contractors Fight Back in Latest Offensive from Biden Administration

Department of Labor rule change challenged in lawsuit filed in federal court in the Northern District of Georgia Exclusive to McHenry County Blog from John Lopez On January 9, 2024, the U.S. Department of Labor continued “Biden’s War on Independent … Continue reading

UPDATEDx2: Republicans’ 2024 Keynote Speech Made by Congressman Kevin Kiley on the House Floor on Friday Exposing Gavin Newsom “Alternative Reality” and “Delusional” View of California Governance

Kevin Kiley Gavin Newsom Blistering critique of Democratic policies at the state level in California shows the blueprint to prove leftist policies in states and Washington do not work On Friday, after the U.S. House completed its legislative business including … Continue reading

UPDATED: Ron DeSantis Crushes Gavin Newsom in Head-to-Head Debate Mrs. Newsom Threw in the Towel for Gavin

No doubt DeSantis representing mainstream conservatism overwhelms Newsom defending 2020s leftist/progressivism as Newsom flames out on biggest stage Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez There was no doubt who won the head-to-head “Red State vs. Blue State” debate … Continue reading