McHenry County Health Professionals Seek Scope of Problems to Attack

8,000 questionnaires are being mailed out to McHenry County households. When I copied the survey instrument by the University of Illinois School of Medicine, it ran to 8 pages on my computer screen. It’s condensed on paper, it’s probably shorter. … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Posts Council Packet

To the tune in “My Fair Lady:” “They said that they would do it, would do it. “They said that they would do it, would do it. “And, indeed they did.” I notice on the Crystal Lake City Council has … Continue reading

Larry Tyree, Former McHenry County College Interim President, Selected Interim President of Florida Keys Community College

If you had your choice, would you spend the winter in Crystal Lake or the Florida Keys? The McHenry County College Board selected Larry Tyree to be its interim president after Walt Packard was handed his walking papers last spring, … Continue reading