DeSantis Supporter Riley Gaines Barker Bests Trump Supporter Laura Loomer in High Profile Exchange Friday

Donald Trump & Laura Loomer 8/13/23 Girl fight Friday between DeSantis backer & Trump angler won by DeSantis with the truth The claws were out on Friday morning as Trump supporter & trouble maker Laura Loomer “broke” a story that … Continue reading

Louisiana Gubernatorial Election Surprise: Polls Missed Outright Republican Win

Jeff Landry Portend of unreliability of polls in 2024 Republican presidential campaign, the early flipping of Louisiana governor mansion provides a signal Donald Trump does not have nomination locked up Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez Republicans were … Continue reading

UPDATED: As Trump Begins Selling Out Pro-Life Voters another Trump-supporter Loses Special Election Flipping Seat for Democrats

Donald Trump mug shot “For a brief moment, it did feel like Republicans were tired of losing. As Christmas approached that [2022] year, people started talking about turning the page and doing things differently. There were suggestions of new leadership … Continue reading

UPDATED: When Seven Million American Children Vanished and Latest Conspiracy Theory to Stop Ukraine Aid and Undermine Florida Governor Ron DeSantis PROVEN FALSE

Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez “A funny thing happened in 1987 when, for the first time, the Internal Revenue Service required taxpayers to list the Social Security numbers for children age 5 and over they were claiming … Continue reading

Is Donald Trump Really Up 50 Points in the Polls? Stunts like These by Donald Trump, Jr. Prove Otherwise

Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez From the desk of John Lopez: Readers of McHenry County Blog know when discernment applied to the Republican presidential nomination for 2024, the polls have been highly questionable. Especially in polls, like … Continue reading

Governor Ron DeSantis Back in Florida as Tropical Storm Idalia will Hit Florida Panhandle Plus an Update from Iowa with Important Metrics

Ron DeSantis “It occurs to me that many don’t know how a caucus works. It isn’t a private ballot. You commit to spending the evening at the caucus precinct, letting people know who you are ‘caucusing’ with. They group people … Continue reading

Sunday Funny (I Wish): Harry Bosco and the Tucker Carlson Interview

“Harry Bosco was a man who would alter information fed to the public during the Vietnam War…’He did it by mistranslation. He couldn’t censor or change, but he could manipulate the English translation. Change one word, change the entire meaning.’“Eventually, … Continue reading

UPDATED: Gary Rabine Co-Hosting Ron DeSantis Fundraiser in Florida as Early Poll Confirms DeSantis Won Republican Presidential Debate

Ron DeSantis “Lopez-logic” from previous day’s article backed up in initial post-debate polling showing DeSantis won debate and ready to beat Donald Trump in 2024 DeSantis campaign reports raising over $1 million within 24 hours after the debate in Milwaukee … Continue reading

Ron DeSantis Debate Win Garners New Endorsements with Illinois Included

Sue Rezin “As a mom and Illinois State Senator, I am concerned about what our children are being taught in the classroom and what kind of country they will inherit. Ron DeSantis is the only candidate who can be trusted … Continue reading

UPDATEDx3: The Awful Horror of November 2024 if Donald Trump Wins Nomination

Donald Trump, 7/1/23 Jumping forward in time to November of 2024 when all signs in August of 2023 point to the awful horror of Democrats’ clean sweep if Trump wins Republican presidential nomination Exclusive to McHenry County Blog from John … Continue reading

Ron DeSantis Rejects “RINO” Label Because of Refusal to Kiss Donald Trump’s Rear End plus Full Context of “Listless Vessels”

Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez Donald Trump supporters, including his campaign as well as the MAGA Inc. super PAC are demanding FL Governor Ron DeSantis apologize for the use of the term “listless vessels” in an interview … Continue reading

GASLIGHT ALERT: 2024 Presidential Polling with Significant Internet Polling More Prone to Push Poll (Desired Outcome) Results

Exclusive to McHenry County Blog from John Lopez Vivek Ramaswamy from AP “[Vivek] Ramaswamy’s strength comes almost entirely from polls conducted over the internet, according to a POLITICO analysis. In internet surveys over the past month — the vast majority … Continue reading

UPDATED: Donald Trump $40.2 Million in Legal Fees Burning Through Campaign Cash Plus John Lopez Radio Show Call with Bruce DuMont

Donald Trump, 7/1/23 Trump breaks promise in fundraising solicitations saying 90% of fundraising going directly to campaign as FEC disclosure says nearly 75 cents of every $1 raised going to legal fees Seriously past time for Republican presidential primary voters … Continue reading

PRO Act: As Governors JB Pritzker and Gavin Newsom Prepare to Run for President to Potentially Face Each Other Flashback to Late 1980s Comes to Mind

Gavin Newsom JB Pritzker As Governors Newsom and Pritzker galivant across the country exploring presidential runs before current President announces his plans I couldn’t resist this comparison on live stream discussing PRO Act and CA AB5 Those McHenry County Blog … Continue reading