Independent Contractors Fight Back in Latest Offensive from Biden Administration

Department of Labor rule change challenged in lawsuit filed in federal court in the Northern District of Georgia Exclusive to McHenry County Blog from John Lopez On January 9, 2024, the U.S. Department of Labor continued “Biden’s War on Independent … Continue reading

UPDATEDx2: 2023 Mental Health Board Validation Legislation Signed into Law

UPDATE November 18, 9:23AM CST: Late Friday, Governor JB Pritzker signed SB 690 as amended into law. It is effective immediately under Public Act 103-0565. Now, there are officially two new laws amending the Community Mental Health Act signed in … Continue reading

Labor Day 2023: Misinformation including Half-truths Hamper Real Progress for Good Legislation let Alone Respect for Each Other

Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez, second in a series of articles on the topic of workers freedoms through independent contracting On Friday, a report titled “The State of the Unions 2023” was released going into Labor Day weekend. … Continue reading

Labor Day 2023: Independent Contracting Takes Center Stage

Suzanne Ness Quite possibly a first of its kind in the Chicago suburbs, roundtable discussion of issues/challenges faced by independent contractors in Illinois took place in Carpenterville included national leader for freelancers across the United States Exclusive to McHenry County … Continue reading

66th House District: Suzanne Ness Doubles Down for Abortion-on-Demand

Suzanne Ness What can be taken as a sick attempt at April Fool’s Day humor, state Representative tweets her support for “reproductive rights” that do not exist, even under Roe v. Wade, let alone to justify Abortion-on-Demand Friday morning at … Continue reading

66th House District: Suzanne Ness’ Revisionist History and Tainted Madigan Money

Suzanne Ness From press release of Illinois House Republican Majority: STATE REP. SUZANNE NESS’ PAST STATEMENTS RAISE QUESTIONS ON HER COMMITMENT TO BATTLING CORRUPTION Flashback 2020: Indictments not a dealbreaker for Ness when choosing a leader SPRINGFIELD, IL – While … Continue reading

66th House District: Suzanne Ness Caught in Embellishment

Suzanne Ness Reprinted with permission of The Illinoize newsletter: Ness Tries to Rewrite History by Patrick Pfingsten, March 4, 2022 A lot has been said this week about “the 19,” the group of House Democrats that demanded Michael Madigan go … Continue reading