Walsh Explains Abortion Stance, Says Duckworth’s is “Extreme Pro-Abortion with No Restrictions” – Moved Up When Video Released

Received from Congressman Joe Walsh: Congressman Joe Walsh made the following statement earlier regarding his Pro-Life position. Medical opinions supporting Congressman Walsh’s position can be found here. Statements made my Tammy Duckworth regarding sexual assault victims can be viewed here. … Continue reading

Walsh Criticizes Duckworth’s Missing Campaign Disclosure Filing Deadline, Cites Two Homestead Exemptions as Well

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh: Duckworth Violates FEC Laws – Fails to Disclose by Transparency Deadline As of the October 15 filing deadline, Tammy Duckworth had not fully disclosed her fundraising for the July through September fundraising period. … Continue reading

McSweeney Responds to Beaubien Pounding on Abortion Issue

Last week Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Beaubien) played Rock-em-Sock-em with Dave McSweeney on the issue of abortion in the mailbox, on radio and television. To that point McSweeney had taken the pinata approach to the campaign, much as State Senator Bill Brady … Continue reading

Joe Walsh Reacts to Chicago Tribune & Daily Herald Endorsements of Tammy Duckworth

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh: Rep. Walsh Comments on Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald Endorsement Decisions The Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald announced their endorsements for the 8th congressional district race with both choosing Democrat Tammy Duckworth. … Continue reading