Cary Grade School Board President Says County Tax Hike Wipes Out D26 Tax Cut

Posted under this article by Cary Elementary School Board President Scott Coffey: Between the audio of the meeting and some of these comments, I’m finding it difficult to find a factually correct statement. They’re either flat out wrong or exactly … Continue reading

Tryon Sitting on Althoff’s MCCD Tax Hike Bills

Before the McHenry County Republican Party’s Convention last month, State Rep. Mike Tryon and I spent some time talking about the bills that State Senators Pam Althoff and Karen McConnaughay had passed unanimously sent to the House of Representatives. After … Continue reading

Remembering the County Board Members Who Voted to Maximize Our Tax Increases

With tax bills having arrived, it seems appropriate to call attention again to those McHenry County Board members who recommended to tax us to the max: Who Voted to Raise Your County Taxes? The Board members voted “balloon” levy, that … Continue reading

No Surprise to Tax Hiking Goal of McHenry County College

When I saw that “Election Workshop” item on the agenda of the special meeting of the McHenry County Board for Tuesday, I called and asked the President’s Office what was up. The woman I talked to did not know. I … Continue reading

The Taxman

If anyone were running against a tax hiker in Illinois–state or local–this would be a marvelous template.  It’s a TV ad being run by Delaware’s Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Christine O’Donnell against Democrat Chris Coons. … Continue reading

Former District 47 School Board Member David Phoenix Runs Write-In Campaign for State Representative

I first noticed the write-in for state representative sign when I took one of my son’s friends home after a sleepover. There it was in the front yard in Four Colonies next to a Bill Brady for Governor sign. It … Continue reading

Bean’s Support for Tax Cuts (Maybe) for the Wealthy Doesn’t Make the Local Newspapers

Trying to distance herself from Obama and liberal politics on something, anything, liberal Democrat Melissa Bean has decided to support tax cuts for the wealthy. Well, maybe, but temporarily. I couldn’t find anything in the Daily Herald or the Northwest … Continue reading

Tax Hike Pimps Boldness Growing

Naturally the black hole that wishes to eat a couple thousand dollars of my income originates in Chicago. Consider he Chicago Sun-Times today. Look at the cover.  Abraham Lincoln is crying because taxes aren’t higher. He isn’t crying because people … Continue reading

Tax Hikers Victories Hard to Find

“Ax your tax” seems to have been the sentiment of most tax hike referendum voters in McHenry County this election. Voters in this recession were not kind to tax district officials’ requests for referendums to raise taxes on April 7th. … Continue reading