Union Dues of Teachers at Crystal Lake High School District

What do teachers at Crystal Lake High School District 155 paid in dues to the Illinois Education Association? That’s a question that popped into my mind for some reason. The answer: D155 Education Association Monthly Dues – IEA Full Time … Continue reading

District 300 Board and Teachers’ Union Ratify New Three-Year Contract

Below is a press release from District 300 about the ratification of the contract that came about after a one-day teachers strike. If you would like to read highlights I picked out of the over 100-page contract, including salary information … Continue reading

The New District 300 Teachers’ Contract – Highlights

Today, Carpentersville District 300 teachers were voting on whether to ratify the contract recently negotiated by the LEAD300 union folks and the school board. You can read the entire contract here, complete with red color to indicate last minute changes. … Continue reading

Wisconsin Poll Shows 55-44% Disapproval of GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s Job Performance

This press release from We Ask America takes a look at political reactions in Wisconsin to the Republicans’ move to weaken collective bargaining for public employees. We Ask America was the only firm known to have surveyed the 8th Congressional … Continue reading

Movin’ On to Woodstock March 15th to Support Wisconsin Union Protesters

Liberals in McHenry County are being solicited by MoveOn.org to gather in Woodstock Tuesday, March 15th, for a rally in support of teachers and other government workers in Wisconsin who lost some union privileges previously mandated by state laws. Coincidentally, … Continue reading

Scott Walker Supporters Air Ad Telling What Teachers’ Union Is About

The National Education Association is a pillar of the Democratic Party. But, most people don’t know what’s in the semi-public statement by former General Counsel Bob Chanin above. It’s now being aired on Wisconsin television stations by The Economic Freedom … Continue reading

Union Dues at McHenry High School District

Since McHenry High School District 156 has the hottest school board race in the county, I thought readers might like to know how much its employees spend in union dues. And the envelope, please… $109,331. There are 158 teachers. Operating … Continue reading

$1.1 Million Goes for Union Dues in District 300

With all the fuss in Wisconsin concerning what Democrats call “union busting” legislation, I thought it might be interesting to see what’s at stake. Under one proposal of Republican Governor Scott Walker, public employee union officials (excluding police and fire … Continue reading

Give Away to Teachers’ Unions Paid for by Cutting Food Stamps Well After the Next Two Elections

Both Democrats Melissa Bean and Bill Foster voted on Tuesday for a $10 billion giveaway to the teachers unions, along with a $16 billion bailout spending to the states. The politics included cutting serious dollars from food stamps. To show … Continue reading