Terrorist Sentenced to 15 Years for Denmark & Mumbai Assistance

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: TAHAWWUR RANA SENTENCED TO 14 YEARS IN PRISON FOR SUPPORTING PAKISTANI TERROR GROUP AND TERROR PLOT IN DENMARK CHICAGO — A Pakistani native who operated a Chicago-based immigration business was sentenced today … Continue reading

Tribune Jihadist Car Bomber Coverage Failure: “Large Suburban Mall” One Target – “Look how scared they would be.”

It’s a good thing I subscribe to both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Tribune. Take a look at the front page of the Sun-Times: Now, if I had only subscribed to the Tribune, here’s all I would have seen on … Continue reading

Terrorist Car Bombing of Bar Stopped, Jihadist: “It doesn’t make sense, now I’m living in America, and I have to go two thousand miles away to fight America. I’m already here.”

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: HILLSIDE MAN ARRESTED AFTER FBI UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION ON FEDERAL CHARGES FOR ATTEMPTING TO BOMB DOWNTOWN CHICAGO BAR CHICAGO — A Hillside man was arrested Friday evening after he allegedly attempted to detonate … Continue reading

Walsh: “We cannot let political correctness blind us to reality.”

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh: Rep. Walsh Defends Comments about Radical Muslims “We cannot let political correctness blind us to reality.” WASHINGTON- Today, Rep. Joe Walsh (IL-08) defended comments made at Elk Grove Village on Wednesday evening concerning … Continue reading

Chicago Pakistani Native Taxi Driver Arrested for Discussing August Stadium Terrorist Attack

The following press release arrived from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago: CHICAGO MAN CHARGED WITH PROVIDING MATERIAL SUPPORT TO AL QAEDA BY ATTEMPTING TO SEND FUNDS OVERSEAS CHICAGO — A Chicago man who claims to be acquainted with an … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Week Terrorism Planner Pleads Guilty

Last December 7th David Coleman Headley was indicted for his role in the Thanksgiving Week, 2008, terrorism in Mumbai, India. The Skinner family sat in their Disney World Pop Century hotel room watching developments. Now just a little over three … Continue reading

Mike Tryon Gets Big Springfield Win on Gitmo Prisoner Issue

It was “just” a surplus property issue. Should it take approval of the Illinois General Assembly to dispose of surplus property worth more than $1 million? But House Bill 4744 was aimed by Crystal Lake State Representative Mike Tryon directly … Continue reading

Thoughts about the Potential Thomson Prison/Yemen Connection

In his December 15th statement about imprisoning terrorists in Northwestern Illinois’ Thomson Correctional Center, 16th District Congressman Don Manzullo warned that “the vitriol now pointed toward Gitmo will transfer to the village of Thomson and this facility, creating a new … Continue reading

Thomson Prison Would House Lots of Prisoners from Yemen

Against a backdrop of the Nigeria airline bomber flying into Detroit may have been fitted with his explosive device by residents of Yemen, NBC’s WMAQ-TV observes that about 40% of the prisoners scheduled to be transferred to Northwest Illinois are … Continue reading

Manzullo Reacts to President Obama’s Decision to Put Gitmo Terrorists in His 16th Congressional District

Below is Congressman Don Manzullo’s statement: Rep. Manzullo Issues Statement on President’s Selection of Northwest Illinois as New Home for Gitmo Terrorists [WASHINGTON] Congressman Don Manzullo (R-IL) today issued the following statement reacting to President Obama’s decision to move up … Continue reading